12″ Vinyl & Digital Download

Mesa Sequences is a live improvisational piece recorded in New Mexico, inspired by electronic music events happening in and around Santa Fe.

The performance captures realtime musical dialogue between Jay Ahern (vintage electronics) and Morgan Packard (DIY software), interacting with their “musical tools,” while creating a beat-driven soundscape for an audience of dancers engulfed in the surreal landscape of the High Desert – a far cry from the atmosphere of traditional electronic music venues.

While no microphones were used to record the audience, thus maintaining a studio quality to the recordings, the presence of the crowd can be felt in the impact of the music, inspiring it’s movements.

The 25-minute Mesa Sequences piece contains a number of movements that flow uninterrupted in the digital format and across two sides on the limited edition vinyl pressing that also has cue points for DJs and listeners alike.

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