app_store_icon_smallThe groundbreaking MESA SEQUENCER App radically changes the way audiences consume music – from passive consumers to active producers.

The app, designed by Morgan Packard, allows anyone with an Apple iPhone or iPad to creatively engage with a selection of techno loops from the corresponding audio release to create and output their own mix of Mesa Sequences.

Through an elegant interface, featuring stunning landscape photography by visual artist Maike Verloh, app users scroll through beat-synchronized loops from the Mesa Sequences EP, set against a imagery of the high desert in the American southwest, where the piece was conceived.

A step sequencer, controlled by the user, allows for creative exploration; as users traverse the audio landscape, they add their own musical footprints.

Patterns created with this step sequencer can then be shared to a community server from within the app.

From this shared area, users can download and modify one another’s creations. Synth sliders control pitch, duration and modulation.  The whole experience allows the user to engage with the improvisational nature of the piece as well as the stark beauty of the environment, which informed the music.

Additionally, audio output functionality allows users to record their own high quality version of Mesa Sequences for use outside the app environment, such as iPods, online sharing, or mixing into DJ sets.